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It’s not about sending and receiving, but about understanding and connecting. There is little that is as effective as a strong piece of copy. That’s the goodness of… Albert Heijn. That’s what I say… Gamma. And there are plenty of other examples where, on reading or hearing a few words, you immediately understand what brand it is. Brands with a recognisable tone of voice have a verbal identity. Just as you associate the colour red with Coca-Cola and pink with… SUPERMINDS! /p p class=”p1″ Where, almost twenty years ago, we often wanted to cram a lot of information into long texts for brands, we now live in a time in which your target group is overloaded with content in all sorts and sizes on a daily basis and it is therefore important for brands and organisations to get straight to the point; with effective copy! At the same time, these days, companies like to tell the story behind their brand; their purpose, e.g. via storytelling, and that still requires longer texts. That makes our copywriters at SUPERMINDS happy, too!


If data is the King, then content is the absolute Queen, because without content there is no message. To truly distinguish yourself from the competition as a brand or organisation, you will need to convey some authenticity to your customer, your consumer, in order to ultimately reach your brand fan. Let’s take Red Bull as an example. The content of this energy drink brand is not about the taste of their drinks; it’s about energy, adrenaline and going to extremes. It’s about the right association that you are able to evoke with your brand by using original content. Bringing your brand to life through storytelling, for example, is a tool that we often use. Creativity is the distinguishing factor here. Where plain text with images is one thing, we use video or Augmented Reality to make it three. When creating effective content, we surprise, amaze, move and trigger. Whether this is for social media, websites, (interactive) magazines, company presentations or complete activation campaigns from A to Z, there is one universal truth: without high-profile content, no chance of success.

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