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To win over consumers, you need to be where they spend the most time: online! Research has unmistakably shown that online orientation has risen to over 65%. So there is no excuse anymore to not work with E-commerce. But how do you reach your potential buyer? And how do you turn the occasional buyer into a loyal customer? How do you make a successful combination between your physical shop floor and your online shop environment? And how do you ensure that your customer’s online experience matches their offline experience? And no less important: how do you use the accumulated data to deploy your marketing dollars more effectively in order to achieve an optimal return? SUPERMINDS knows the digital highway like no other, and with an enthusiastic team of online marketing maestros, we have been helping various companies optimise their cross-media buyer and customer journey for years.


A whopping 93% of all Dutch people receive e-mail newsletters, offers and membership e-mails. This is not without reason. Because this is the channel with the highest Return On Investment. E-mail marketing is an indispensable link in the customer journey experience of your target audience. E-mail marketing is also the best way to build and maintain customer loyalty. To collect new leads or to upsell to your existing customers. In addition, for years now, e-mail marketing has been one of the best converting online marketing channels for companies that are serious about it.

E-mail marketing is also a relatively inexpensive channel to use. Postage, competition you have to bid against for a good position, printing or production costs are all not an issue. And with e-mail marketing automation, we send automated messages with the right message, at exactly the right time to exactly the right person. This could be a message to congratulate your customer, or that there is still a product in their shopping cart at your web shop. With e-mail marketing, we create a 360-degree customer journey experience.


Your website is your online business card. It represents your company or brand, explains what you stand for and visualises your brand identity. It is the online hangout to be for your customer, a place where they can browse from comfort and convenience, where they can gather information and proceed to purchase. It is therefore very important that your website or web shop meets all the technical, creative and conversion requirements that suit your goals and appeal to your target audience. Our Web Wizards design and build from a clear online marketing strategy with a vision for results. We not only see simple WordPress or Magento websites in our studio every day, but the sites that allow us to do new things, go off the beaten track, tear up new digital highways, are the ones you can wake us up at night for. And of course, we maintain all these sites very proactively. We carry out security inspections, signal, adjust and adapt, we implement updates and offer advice when we think there is room for improvement. Because the digital revolution is always on the move, just like us.

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