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In strategy and positioning, we look at the identity aspects of your brand or organisation. This identity with specific characteristics should be relevant to your customer and should distinguish your brand from your competitors. In other words: how you want your potential customer to see you. A strong brand DNA is the first step towards business growth. If your brand is not positioned properly, there are two things that can go wrong. Firstly, your products or services do not reach the right target group. No clear position in the brand landscape results in lost visitors who do not know whether your brand is right for them. Secondly, your media mix is not in line with the platforms on which your brand is viewed. If the choice of media does not match your positioning, you are actually advertising for nothing. In other words, positioning is a profession in its own right and requires the precision of a partner like SUPERMINDS. Together we start with a clear strategy by mapping the blueprint of your company DNA. We then translate our strategies into a positioning plan that gives you a clear route for your organisation moving forward


Once the strategy has been determined and the (re)positioning has been mapped out, it is clear what the vision of your brand or organisation is. The ‘WHY’ is now clearly formulated. We then develop the vision from the previously conceived strategic foundation into a strong concept that fits in seamlessly. This means the ‘WHAT’ is now also clear. Finally, we could this creative concept into an activation plan or marketing year plan, depending on the set objectives and KPIs, in order to be able to roll it out concretely and effectively in the market. This also gives us a clear framework for the ‘HOW’. That is creative concepting with an eye on results by the clever talents of SUPERMINDS.

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