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SUPERMINDS Creative Madness knows no boundaries, because there are no boundaries to creativity. And that’s exactly what our middle name is. We want to create beautiful, new, original, entertaining and moving content that hits you right in the heart, or in the head. Because with a rock-solid concept, translated into creative images, with catchy copy, you create content that hits you exactly in the right place.

You don’t become creative; you are creative at heart. It’s the core of our organisation, the heart of our business. When you radiate this from your being, it becomes second nature, something authentic, something that suits you as a brand or organisation. And that’s what several organisations and brands with guts have already realised, who therefore chose SUPERMINDS as their creative partner. So if you want to colour outside the lines, or rather avoid lines altogether, choose SUPERMINDS.


SUPERMINDS is not the traditional advertising or marketing agency that you might be used to. We work transparently and flexibly in a ‘next level’ mode of operation through our Marketing On Demand partnerships. This means that we are not bound by time or place and are always in direct contact with your organisation, saving you time and therefore money. No hourly billing, but one price for all your marketing activities. With our Marketing On Demand service, we are like an extension of your marketing communications department and are available whenever you need us. We work passionately every day with our extensive marketing expertise, resulting in quick responses, good service and, if necessary, a complete unburdening of your internal organisation without having to hire an extra FTE. That’s what we call smart cooperation!

A plan is nothing without a well-thought out concept. A coat hanger, an umbrella or the head with the tail. Of course, this starts with a clear basis. A tight strategy with on-point positioning. How do we do this?

We always say “it’s a process”, especially when it comes to the creative translation of a concept into a campaign. And this can be done in any (in)conceivable way. After all, communication and all its means are infinite. Which?

Of course you need a framework, but without thought-provoking content, there is no chance of success. We know better than anyone how to translate your message in the right way. How?


We are extremely proud of our partners and all the cool stuff we’ve created for them so far.

A little digging in our Creative Madness box yielded the following SUPER cases. Watch ‘em and smile!


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