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Search engine optimisation is basically everything you do to make sure your website shows up as high as possible in the organic search results. For 95% of consumers, their search for a product or organisation starts on Google. To get the attention of your target audience and generate leads, our analytical artists ensure that your business is at the top of the search engine. Even if your target group ultimately makes the purchase offline, it is important to be easily findable and visible online. Search engine optimisation in the form of SEO marketing is therefore essential for lead generation. The three most important factors we focus on are technique, content and authority. The technique and content must be optimally tailored to the visitors of your website. Your website must be technically sound. We look at the structure of your website, the proper use of headers, user-friendly URLs, a fast loading time, the use of an SSL certificate and sitemaps, for example. Your target group is looking for something. So it is important to provide them with the right content. First we write an appropriate content strategy. Then we link the content needs to keyword research and we process these keywords in a piece of effective web copy where we take into account the right link building. In short, a strong piece of online marketing!


When using SEA, we buy online advertising space in order to reach the top of the search results. Using an online auction system, we bid on search terms that we have extracted from our SEO and then charge per click. Online advertising does not have to be expensive at all, but is actually very relevant because you pay for a click from an already interested visitor. Depending on the targets, we draw up a result-oriented online advertising plan with a realistic estimate of SEA daily budgets and click prices. We work with Return On Investment reports which we discuss with our clients on a monthly basis. Analysis, conclusions and advice are discussed in order to make targeted adjustments so that the results continue to grow. Because we are a Google Partner, you have the guarantee that there is always a certified and specialised online rockstar working on your campaigns.


As a certified Google Partner, we use all Google tools on a daily basis. We monitor the presence of your website in the Google search results with Google Search Console. We index possible site problems very quickly and can therefore solve them immediately. We can also quickly map traffic data on your site such as click-through or bounce behaviour. Of course, we work with Google Ads, Google’s online advertising programme, in order to set up your specific search campaign, banner campaign, video campaign, shopping campaign or app campaign. And with Google Display, we can effectively promote your organisation or brand when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail or using mobile devices and apps. With the Google Display Network, we reach more than 90% of all Internet users worldwide, through millions of websites, news pages, blogs and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube. So let’s have a blast!

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