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For social media, we say: BYE BYE 5 marketing P’s, HELLO 5 social media C’s! Because when you keep Create, Culture, Connect, Contact and Comeback in the back of your mind, you’re on the right track when it comes to social media. In other words, be and stay visible and make sure you have and keep active contact with your followers. But a creative post and a nicely designed feed is not nearly enough to captivate and engage your followers. What added value do you offer them through your social media channels? Because if you want to create loyal brand fans, then your social media strategy will have to be on point. Ever since the founding of SUPERMINDS we have been true social media SUPER stars. What do we excel in? Besides our high-profile social content and campaigns, we also achieve our goals like increasing online brand awareness, lead generation optimisation and conversion increase. 

We agree on specific goals and put them into a social media plan. Then we get to work for your brand or organisation in a pleasant and easy way. We have a monthly social media meeting where we discuss the possible content for the coming month. During this meeting, we also discuss the Return On Investment report from the previous month so we can advise, adjust and optimise immediately. Then our Data Kings and Content Queens get to work creating result-oriented social media campaigns and high-profile content calendars which, of course, we will discuss with you before scheduling and going live. The only thing you have to do is approve it. We grow your follower base with our Find And Connect service, produce content for your organisation or brand with our social photo and video shoots, animate stop motions, create Stories and Reels and think up the most compelling TikTok Challenges. Social Media is a great and measurable tool to use in your total marketing mix, as long as you do it consistently and in the right way. And that’s something we at SUPERMINDS are very good at!


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