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Of course, we don’t let real talent go to waste! So do you have what it takes to shine bright like a SUPER star? Do you work ‘to the bone’ like a true tribe warrior? And does your marketing knowledge and expertise go to the next level, where others stagnate? Then we may have a ‘special seat at our table’ waiting for you.

Check out our available jobs. We do it all just a little bit differently from the rest. You won’t be coming to us for a job application, but we’ll have a SUPER-Speed Meeting, together with a number of other ‘SUPER stars to be’. It’s fun and efficient. You’ll get to know all your potential colleagues and our company culture straight away, you can feel, taste and smell whether you fit in. And we’ll immediately check if you walk the walk alongside that smooth talk of yours.

SUPERMINDS conceives and develops creative concepts and activations for a large number of brands and organisations domestically and abroad. We use the most diverse marketing and communication tools for this, which we develop ourselves. SUPERMINDS works in a result-oriented way. We don’t stop until we hit the bullseye!

Do you want to know more? E-mail or call SUPERMINDS and who knows, you may soon be working at the best agency in the Netherlands!


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