Amsterdam Hair Institute is THE institute for revolutionary hair transplant technology. Amsterdam Hair Institute is a subsidiary of Hairworld Istanbul, both partners of SUPERMINDS, which is a leader in the world of hair transplant technology since 2006 and inventor of the revolutionary and highly successful FUE CT hair transplant method. With a proven success rate of no less than 97% after a single treatment, both AHI and HWI are the strongest hair transplant clinics in both the Netherlands and Turkey. The extensive experience and phenomenal success rate of HWI are reinforced by the mesenchymal stem cell therapy at Amsterdam Hair Institute.

Online findability and visibility is crucial for Amsterdam Hair Institute. Especially because this subsidiary of Hairworld Istanbul was still relatively new and therefore unknown. SUPERMINDS first took care of a suitable brand identity in the form of corporate design and logo development. Then we built a well-oiled mobile first website with an optimal SEO setup at the back. As Marketing On Demand Online partners, we assist both Amsterdam Hair Institute and Hairworld Istanbul on a daily basis in optimising their online findability, visibility and conversion with measurable results. Fast and flexible communication is especially important in this sector, something our team feels very strongly about and runs with. This creates an equal partnership for the long term.

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