A bond with your customer. Building loyalty is the basis for turning customers into brand fans. Offering added value in the form of incentives can be a way to achieve this. With the ‘Get the Picture’ savings campaign, we are responding to the winter season, which means that many households are once again digging up their games and puzzles. We combine an offline experience with an online one in order to create a total brand experience and stay at the top of your target group’s mind.

When a purchase is made in the shop, the customer receives a bag with puzzle pieces. Collect all the pieces to complete the puzzle. With the easy access app, you can scan the QR codes that appear throughout the puzzle as you progress through it. In Augmented Reality you can then, for example, discover the animals in the zoo. When the puzzle is complete, it serves as a marker and, for example, unlocks free entry to the zoo. Of course, this savings campaign can be applied to any desired theme, such as museums, amusement parks, zoos, football/European Championships and the GP Zandvoort, the possibilities are endless.

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