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With the advent of Virtual Reality, there is a new innovative translation in the marketing mix. Through the creation of Virtual Reality content such as animations, videos or interactive presentations, it takes on an additional activating dimension and therefore has great appeal. For example, a regular banner on a website is often no longer consciously perceived, while a Virtual Reality ad immediately attracts attention. You are, as it were, surrounded by a virtual environment where there are no external distractions, which is an ideal starting point for commercial applications, but also for things like onboarding programmes. The possibilities with Virtual Reality marketing are endless and increasingly relevant.

Think for example of the Covid-19 situation where it was less easy to physically walk into a store. Through computer animation, we create a 360-degree image in which the (online) visitor can look around completely unhindered in our Virtual Showrooms without disturbing elements in the image. We enhance the real experience by adding 360-degree video that shows real locations, objects and people. 3D product visualisation is also an effective example of VR marketing. Computer models become instantly visible in any environment and products that are not present or even do not exist yet are already visible in the virtual world, car dealers for example use Virtual Reality to virtually introduce new models to customers.

With VR controllers, it is possible to manipulate your virtual environment. Virtual Reality marketing is all about intensifying the engagement of your potential customer. Your customer is at the wheel, as it were, and has a sense of control over the commercial message. Think of a 3D model of a car, with doors that open and close on command, or a virtual tour of a vacation home. But gamification in VR form can also be a very effective promotional tool. The game has to find the right balance between your commercial message and an entertaining game. Our Virtual Heroes will not shy away from any challenge here!

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