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Restaurant Alma broke all records immediately after opening. With a cosy Bodega downstairs and their fine dining restaurant upstairs, the Lind in Oisterwijk had added an awfully good restaurant by the end of 2019. One with ambition, drive and an eye for the bigger picture. After being open for only a month, Malou was nominated for ‘Fromager of the Year’, received a mention in the ‘Lekker’, a mention in the Michelin Guide for the Bib Gourmand and various culinary reviewers, both online and offline, spoke highly of the excellent service provided by Malou and her team and the exquisite culinary delights of Wouter and his brigade. What separates a good entrepreneur from a good chef or hostess is vision. Having the foresight and the guts and drive to lead the way ahead of the crowd.

And we have been able to help Restaurant Alma with that. From day one, we have been taking care of their social media marketing and we help come up with ideas for activating online marketing campaigns where their followers and soon to be followers are triggered to interact with Alma. How we turn followers into fans. That’s what we’re good at. Alma had to close its doors again because of Covid-19, just a few months after they first opened, so it was essential to move fast and keep aiming for quality. They started a high-quality take-away and delivery business, and SUPERMINDS took care of the online exposure. Before they knew it, Alma was so busy that they had to start working with timeslots and were ‘full’ online, thanks to the impact of online marketing.

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