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Special times also offer new opportunities. And Fedor Derks, also known as De Notenman, realised this very quickly. Fedor did not wait for the consequences of the first Covid-19 wave, but proactively went to SUPERMINDS with the concrete question: turn my offline market stall into an online shop and make sure I am visible and findable in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We first developed a suitable brand identity which we then translated into an easy-to-use web shop. We realised a social media marketing plan and started working on search engine optimisation. Through online advertisements such as Google ads, we provided a direct and relevant link to the web shop. On social media, we filled the feed with stimulating content and linked it to social shopping. The result: customers who could no longer buy their products at the market found their way back to De Notenman and now order online 24/7. In addition, De Notenman attracted a broader target group from other cities where he was previously not known at all. De Notenman now sells its products successfully online, both domestically and abroad.

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