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DUCA Design helps both individuals and companies to realise all their interior design wishes. With a team of professionals, they style and furnish any desired space for their client, both domestically and abroad. When it comes to DUCA Design, from drawing board to dream interior, DUCA Design makes it happen. In their Inspiration Room in Eindhoven, you can shop for the latest lighting, decoration, window coverings or furniture. But if the client wants everything taken care of from A to Z, then the interior architects at DUCA Design are ready to take the entire project off their hands.

After 10 years, director/owner Daan Geenen thought it was time for his company, formerly known as D!Zit, to completely rebrand and reposition itself. The addition of online marketing was of great importance. So besides SUPERMINDS developing a new name and look, we put a lot of time and care into crystallising the right cross-media approach. In addition to crafting a new website, SUPERMINDS’ responsibilities as a Marketing On Demand Online Partner include DUCA Design’s SEO results and Social Media Marketing. We work on content, planning and realisation on a monthly basis and continuously steer towards results in a proactive way.

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