With the successful awareness campaign ‘File Food Festival’, we, as a creative agency, wanted to show how effective guerrilla marketing can be. We took a problem and came up with a creative, thought-provoking solution that got people talking. In a world where everything is available 24/7 and organic, fresh and sustainable is the norm, we were struck by the fact that this was not the case along the motorway. While pop-up restaurants, fresh food markets, snack huts and food hubs are everywhere, the dining experience along the motorway leaves little to the imagination. And especially after 8 pm, you don’t get much further than a packaged cheese sandwich or that big yellow M along the road. We figured there must be another way! So we came up with the File Food Festival; a food truck festival along the A2 from Den Bosch to Amsterdam and vice versa. In collaboration with The Food Line Up, we are occupying all the petrol stations along the A2 with various original food trucks filled to the brim with the most delicious and, above all, fresh food. SUPERMINDS has had a very good relationship with the media for years and therefore quickly managed to attract the attention of various radio stations, TV shows, social media and newspapers.

The result: the traffic jam shifted from the motorway to the gas stations where people could get free samples. Many hopped from station to station to visit all the food trucks. Lots of media came to visit us or called us in their broadcasts during the activation, such as 3FM, Radio538 and RTL Boulevard. We were able to give all of them a look inside our world. The food experience discussion was one of many, and the world’s leading energy company with over 400 petrol stations in the Netherlands listened to our request and sat down with us to follow up on it. Mission accomplished!

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