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For more than 10 years now, HIT has been THE knowledge partner for the Netherlands in the field of energy and sustainability. With their smart solutions, they help entrepreneurs become more sustainable while keeping costs under control. Together they create synergy for a sustainable future. HIT bases this on facts. They make energy data transparent and measurable, exploring the needs of a business. This is how insight is created. HIT knows the latest legislation and technology, which translates into smart solutions for a company. HIT works step by step with their clients towards a sustainable and resilient world for future generations.

When we were invited to pitch for the repositioning and rebranding of HIT, it didn’t take us long to understand the concept of the new HIT: HIT unburdens your future. We also made it clear what HIT stood for: Clear, intelligent and future-oriented. We ultimately won the pitch, and HIT also believed in an equal partnership on a Marketing On Demand basis. This allowed us to immediately start working with the aspects and meanings of their brands: HIT Profit, HIT Sports and HIT Expert. An enormous challenge, which we, together with the team of HIT, have succeeded in so far. All media and resources, both in online and offline marketing, fall under our responsibility and are executed on a daily basis. In close consultation with the HIT team, we consult frequently in all openness and transparency and act as their flexible shell for all their marketing and communication issues.

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