The world around us is changing. Online sales are taking off. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors online is key. Creating an experience in e-tail is also important. Your target audience is also mostly at home because of Covid-19. Working from home has been the norm since 2020 and the convenience of online shopping has exploded. People are less likely to go to physical shops, but prefer to order safely online. However, the online shopping experience and personal advice are still often lacking. Perception is emotion and emotion leads to buying. That’s why our brainiacs in Amsterdam have developed a conversion-enhancing solution, where the consumer can ‘physically/emotionally’ experience the product and also see how it looks in their home.

The Virtual Showroom; an online 360 product experience store where it feels like you are in the actual store. You can move around the room 360 degrees, zoom in on products and experience them through augmented reality. It works very simply, choose a space to explore. Get visual information about products and their unique selling points. Select products, choose the model and colour and view the product description. Then scan the QR code on the product cards and view the product in your own environment using augmented reality. PPosition your organisation as an innovative brand and add that experience. The Virtual Showroom offers many advantages, because in addition to generating valuable data from the click and search behaviour of your online visitor, we also attract more online visitors and the buyer experience is very different. The ease of use is optimised and the risk of returns is reduced. This way, we create a stronger bond with the buyer and turn a buyer into a loyal customer.

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