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Since 2017, SUPERMINDS has been a Marketing On Demand partner of Lindenhaeghe Opleidingen. For 15 years, Lindenhaeghe has been the number 1 education, training and exam institute in the Netherlands for financial professionals. At Lindenhaeghe you can find professional (financial) courses, exams and training in the field of personal development. The starting point is that continuity and improvement of both knowledge and skills are ensured in a professional and pleasant way. Lindenhaeghe stands for lifelong development with a smile.


Since 2017, SUPERMINDS has been a Marketing On Demand partner of Marmitek. Since 1997, Marmitek has been manufacturing solutions for consumers to make sound and vision available and operate everywhere in and around the home. Solutions that help when a standard accessory such as an HDMI cable is not possible or undesirable. Marmitek has the most convenient solutions for ensuring that existing and new equipment in the home functions properly and in unison. In addition, Marmitek’s Smart ME line offers various smart solutions to make your home or business more sustainable, safer and more atmospheric at the push of a button. All products such as a smart doorbell, lamp, plug or camera are plug-and-play and are connected to each other. All you need is the Smart ME app and a Wi-Fi connection.


Alice is je virtuele collega in het onboarding proces van je nieuwe medewerkers. Middels deze virtual reality app kunnen we ervoor zorgen dat nieuwe medewerkers op een innovatieve, maar toch persoonlijke manier benaderd worden. Bovendien vertelt Alice jouw corporate identity story altijd op de juiste manier zonder een gekleurde versie hiervan over te brengen. Doormiddel van een 360 video in VR geeft jouw persoonlijke assistente Alice een rondleiding door jullie kantoor. Ze neemt je mee door de mogelijkheden en voordelen van jouw organisatie. Alice belicht onderdelen uit jullie bedrijfs-DNA en enthousiasmeert met een wervingsverhaal waarom juist deze nieuwe persoon zich zou moet aansluiten. Ze benoemt zoal de mogelijkheden die je hebt als nieuwe collega en onderschrijft de benefits van je organisatie. Door middel van de inzet van 360 graden video wordt de gebruiker in staat gesteld om zelf rond te kijken in jouw corporate omgeving. In elke afdeling waar Alice je potentiele nieuwe medewerker mee naar toe neemt worden er door een toekomstige collega vragen gesteld of informatie gegeven over de bewuste discipline. Aan de hand van je antwoorden wordt de volgende video geladen die je uiteindelijk meeneemt naar de aanmelding. Op deze manier wordt er al een natuurlijke intake gehouden zonder dat hier extra inspanning van je organisatie voor wordt gevraagd.


Retail activation becomes even more interactive with the use of Augmented Reality. Our strategic partners at BeyondFive came up with a high-profile activation inspired by the 65th birthday of Dick Bruna’s Miffy. One simple yet effective example is the interactive birthday countdown calendar. For instance, the countdown calendar covers a period of 10 days where a new offer or surprise is released each day, which is only valid on that day. You can discover this by simply scanning the QR code of that day with your smartphone.


Special times also offer new opportunities. And Fedor Derks, also known as De Notenman, realised this very quickly. Fedor did not wait for the consequences of the first Covid-19 wave, but proactively went to SUPERMINDS with the concrete question: turn my offline market stall into an online shop and make sure I am visible and findable in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Innovative communication through Augmented Reality is possible through The Livecard, which we use to bring a personal message from a company, person or brand to life. Especially for your staff, guests, consumers or clients, we have developed the Livecard in cooperation with our strategic partners BeyondFive. A smart Augmented Reality solution in 3D. Because even in times when it is harder to meet each other physically, especially as a group, it is nice to stay in touch with your target group in a special way and to leave behind a lasting memory.


Museums and exhibitions are increasingly looking for measurable and creative interaction with their audiences. Increasing the experience ensures a longer stay and a more intense connection with the art or artist. A longer stay ensures that the art or an exhibition that tells a story is better understood. Each storyline has its own dynamics and often its own target group. By using Augmented Reality, we can add more experience and storytelling to a work of art or exhibition, really bringing the story to life and surprising the audience. The traditional information signs next to works of art have been given a completely new digital look.


With the successful awareness campaign ‘File Food Festival’, we, as a creative agency, wanted to show how effective guerrilla marketing can be. We took a problem and came up with a creative, thought-provoking solution that got people talking. In a world where everything is available 24/7 and organic, fresh and sustainable is the norm, we were struck by the fact that this was not the case along the motorway. While pop-up restaurants, fresh food markets, snack huts and food hubs are everywhere, the dining experience along the motorway leaves little to the imagination. And especially after 8 pm, you don’t get much further than a packaged cheese sandwich or that big yellow M along the road. We figured there must be another way! So we came up with the File Food Festival; a food truck festival along the A2 from Den Bosch to Amsterdam and vice versa. In collaboration with The Food Line Up, we are occupying all the petrol stations along the A2 with various original food trucks filled to the brim with the most delicious and, above all, fresh food. SUPERMINDS has had a very good relationship with the media for years and therefore quickly managed to attract the attention of various radio stations, TV shows, social media and newspapers.


For more than 10 years now, HIT has been THE knowledge partner for the Netherlands in the field of energy and sustainability. With their smart solutions, they help entrepreneurs become more sustainable while keeping costs under control. Together they create synergy for a sustainable future. HIT bases this on facts. They make energy data transparent and measurable, exploring the needs of a business. This is how insight is created. HIT knows the latest legislation and technology, which translates into smart solutions for a company. HIT works step by step with their clients towards a sustainable and resilient world for future generations.


A bond with your customer. Building loyalty is the basis for turning customers into brand fans. Offering added value in the form of incentives can be a way to achieve this. With the ‘Get the Picture’ savings campaign, we are responding to the winter season, which means that many households are once again digging up their games and puzzles. We combine an offline experience with an online one in order to create a total brand experience and stay at the top of your target group’s mind.